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Our School Activities provide:
– a tangible and creative method of delivering the National Curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils
– motivates pupils to achieve their potential by encouraging learning through a creative and personalized approach
– links to Every Child Matters, Every Parent Matters, Inclusion, Enterprise and the United Nations Millennium
Development Goals
– covers PSHE topics
– aligns to adult literacy and numeracy entry level requirements
– The resources are managed and used for many different activities, making resources, stay and play sessions, generating income, teaching the early years foundations stage and for engaging with parents. The programme is sustainable as we can use recyclable materials.

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A double scrapbook page is created each week using a childs personal photograph and covering a new topic including:
> Family values and appreciating the family unit
> Celebration of birthdays, growth processes and caring for one another
> Value of friendship
> Embracing diversity between oneself and others

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Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Middle School