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Money and Finance Matters

AB Curriculum are very concerned at the lack of financial education in our schools. Young adults often leave the system having little knowledge regarding tax, debts, budgeting and financial planning. It therefore comes as little surprise that currently we have the lowest savings ratio in Europe and many people in the U.K. find money matters difficult. Working with partners such as Invicta, Nationwide, Grant Thornton, Woodovis and the I.F.A. community, together, we want to do something about this! Juley Bayley, an I.F.A. has authored lesson plans covering key current money and finance matters. Invicta, Grant Thornton and Nationwide have provided sponsored materials. The programme covers KS1 - adult learning.

KS1 uses our boxed Money Math set consisting of thirteen hands on activities and concludes with pupils creating a budget for a birthday party using our educational paper craft pack, "Birthday".

KS2 includes the Invicta Money and Finance boxed set and lesson plans together with our Magic Maths die cutting machine activity and an introduction to The Leaky bucket within which pupils learn the concept of a bucket representing their piggy bank and water representing money.

KS3 is a workshop day comprising of five hands on activities; ‘The Leaky Bucket’, ‘Creative Budgets’, ‘Mental Maths With Interest’, ‘Demonstrating that Money and Finance Matters’, ‘Money is for Real’.

KS4 is a workshop day comprising of five hands on activities; ‘Properties of the Leaky Bucket’, ‘A Business Idea’, ‘Crafty Consideration’, ‘Short and Long Term Memory’, ‘Money is for Real’.

Families can work and learn together and the programme is aligned to the Adult Core Curriculum for numeracy and literacy. The majority of materials are reusable. You will only need to buy new craft materials such as paper, felt, and coloured pens each year. If the general public could afford to help sponsor this initiative we can help many children. Just £1.00 can provide three weeks of education for a child. For more information visit our Facebook, Twitter or blog pages, or to make a contribution click on the donate button below: