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KS4 Olympic Games

We have created one of our wonderful reader book activity programmes, including a four week project using a die machine, dies and curriculum aligned exercises covering the Olympic Games. Use the arrows below to look through the different products available or download our information leaflet:

Olympic Reader Book

This part of the reader programme provides pupils with a longer story about Rufus and Lucy researching, learning and dreaming about the 2012 Olympic Games. Depending upon the level of the pupils involved, the pupils can either read to others or be read to. At the end of the book, the pupils are asked to research and learn about the Winter Olympic Games in the same way as Rufus and Lucy did for the Summer Olympic Games. Although we do not have an EYFS reader book, each of these reader books can be used with an EYFS class as the teacher can read to the pupils and help them to complete the activities. We do also have Rufus the puppet, to aid teaching younger pupils and pupils with special educational needs. Many pupils find Rufus much easier to talk to/through than themselves!
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Photocopiable Sheets

50 exercises for EYFS – KS4 aligned to the current science curriculum. Each of these exercises is photocopiable and was written by Dr. Carol Usher and Clare Watts. The sheets can be used in future for Sports Day.
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