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G6-8 Money and Finance Matters

Young adults often leave our school system with little knowledge regarding basic income and expenditure information. It therefore comes as little surprise that currently we have the lowest savings ratio in Europe and many people, of all ages, in the U.K. find money matters difficult. AB Curriculum together with partner companies have come together to deliver a ‘Money and Finance Matters’ programme covering key stage 1 to adult learning.

Our Key stage 2 module, uses our ‘Magic Maths’ crafting activity and a ‘Money and Finance’ pack built in partnership with Invicta. These cover all of the elements of how to manage money in a responsible way in today’s modern world. The kit includes: credit, debit and store cards, paying in slips, cheques, statements, coins and notes. Many of the components are provided in re-useable acetate sheet format for photocopying and overhead projection. The notes are made in synthetic paper so that they are non tear, flat and wipe-able.

Activities in KS2; Snakes Alive, Dotty Dominoes, Jigsaw Time, Fraction Facts. For more information, download our Money and Finance Matters leaflet.