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Every Child Matters
Lorraine Petersen - CEO of NASEN
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Welcome to AB Curriculum

Our vision is to provide access to education for all families, irrespective of race, religion, background or skills. We want pupils to really enjoy learning and become life long learners.

Our fun, action based, Educational Craft Packs and Reader Books include lesson plans for K-2, G3-5 and G6-8 in Mathematics, English and Science. All of our programs are exactly aligned to the curriculum and are suitable for both teachers and parents.

We know that some pupils have cognitive learning problems, while others are very advanced. We provide materials to suit all learners using real life applications including those pupils with special education needs.

Use our programs, they really are as easy as A,B,C!
The existing product has been recommended by NASEN as being particularly helpful to all students with special needs, and we have found all Elementary and Middle School users really enjoy the program.